Azure DevOps

Our customer is looking to recruit an Azure DevOps engineer to join the Platforms team, to.....

Our customer is looking to recruit an Azure DevOps engineer to join the Platforms team, to build and maintain an Internal Developer Platform (IDP). You will be responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining reusable components and related DevOps tooling and infrastructure, thereby providing an efficient self-service software delivery system, for use by all developers throughout the company.

You will need to be able to;

  • Design and develop a software platform that provides a foundation for other applications or services to run on top of
  • Create and manage the platform’s infrastructure, tools, and services to ensure it is scalable, reliable, and secure
  • Design and implement the platform’s architecture, ensuring it meets the needs of the applications or services that run on it
  • Develop and maintain the tools and services that make it easy for other developers to build on top of the platform
  • Collaborate with other engineers and stakeholders to identify and address platform needs and requirements
  • Continuously improve the platform by incorporating feedback from users and staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any issues or bugs that arise with the platform itself or the applications that run on it

Skills and experience they are looking for;

  • Strong experience working in Microsoft Azure within a DevOps organisation.
  • Good knowledge of Azure DevOps to build and improve CI/CD pipelines for product teams
  • Experience writing Infrastructure as Code in Terraform (or equivalent)
  • Proven experience with web and data workloads ideally from a development background
  • Solid understanding of security including app authentication using Azure AD / B2C
  • Good all round software development and release engineering skills
  • Understanding of incident management – alerting, investigation and assisting resolution
  • Strong planning and organisational skills, including the ability to manage several work streams simultaneously, while balancing business priorities and quality
  • Excellent communication skills with a capacity to present, discuss and explain issues coherently and logically, both in writing and orally
  • Ability to balance conflicting and changing demands through prioritisation and a pragmatic approach

Salary is to £80k and benefits. Winchester or London location. Award Winning Company.

Sponsorship is available for Individual candidates only

to £80k

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