Linux Debian Sys Admin

Linux Debian Sys Admin required for a SW London (PLACED)

As a Systems Administrator/Dev Ops, you will be primarily responsible for ensuring a reliable, efficient, and secure hosting environment for our SaaS platform hosted on our own equipment in third-party co-location facilities in London.

The SaaS architecture is based on Debian Linux, Apache, Percona (MySQL), and Perl language for back-end application development.

They are now looking to expand our team and seeking local SW London candidates to cover;

  1. Introduce Hardware Security Module and application support for clients to provide individual encryption keys to protect their data at rest.
  2. Introduce Web Application Firewall (e.g. mod_security)
  3. Develop alternative hosting options using Cloud providers (AWS)
  4. Continual improvement to the physical infrastructure within our data centres to ensure reliability and appropriate network segregation
  5. Continual improvement to our process of releasing updates to our SaaS platform (2 week agile release process with zero-downtime releases

As well as the strategic initiatives, key responsibilities of System Administrator also include :

  1. Ensure that routine maintenance, backups, patches and monitoring are performed, and maintain network configuration including DNS, load balancing, and firewall rules.
  2. Ensure continued performance into the future by contributing to and documenting a hardware and system software strategy, reviewing progress against the strategy, managing individual projects to improve the hosting environment, capacity planning, sourcing hardware and system software, vendor management, and architecting the infrastructure.
  3. Respond to requests for security reviews from clients, arranging regular independent security reviews, and monitoring and enforcing company security policies and client requirements.

It will be expected that some maintenance procedures be performed out of normal office hours and you will be included in the out of hours incident report and resolution support team.

If you are interested in finding out more about this job, please get in touch: